Monday, February 2, 2009

Another Bailout Waiting to Happen!

If, in fact, Joe Biden believes that paying taxes is patriotic,

and it appears so far that about half of Obama's Cabinet picks don't pay their taxes, 

then are we to assume that half of Obama's Cabinet picks are, in fact, unpatriotic according to this administrations own standards.

Ladies and Gentleman, that's change you can take to bank.  Just don't forget to put that bank on the bailout list.

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Kfrogdiva said...

This is a comment on the whole blog thus far- well-articulated observations, and complete truths, my friend. These are the times when that old scripture about being "Steadfast, with a perfect brightness of hope"
seems to ring true on so many levels. As the state of this world in general (politics, economic, all of it) heads the way it is, I am inclined not to even WANT to think about it or discuss it. I just want to focus on my own (and my family's personal progress)and forget. Yet at the same time, I know I should stay informed. Thanks for sharing the thoughts- I am a little surprised to see that no one has commented on this site.